Jog-a-thon 2020 (English)

Welcome to the Jog-a-thon (German: Joggathon) 2020 in Germany, Lebanon and beyond!

The Jog-a-thon is a charity run that different Churches of the Nazarene in Germany (mainly Gelnhausen and Berlin) organise every year around May or June. Due to corona-restrictions the jog-a-thon is taking place in a „decentralised“ format this year: runners participate alone, in pairs or as family group, wherever they are, but in a joint effort. The raised funds will support the Nazarene Evangelical School in Beirut, Lebanon, and the school is joining the charity run! The event organisers are inviting people from all over Europe and beyond to join the jog-a-thon – together with participants from Germany, Lebanon, Spain, and hopefully lots of other places!

The joint event is planned for Sunday, 17th May 2020, from 12 to 1pm CEST but you’re welcome to run earlier or later in the day or during the following week.


You’re in?

Great! This is how it works:

1. Sign up (by using this form or by sending a message or comment on the Helping Hands Facebook page in your own language that you plan to jog for the NES)

2. Recruit sponsors/supporters who will agree to donate a certain amount for each kilometre or mile that you run or walk

3. Select a route

4. Run, jog or walk your selected route on 17th May, or any time from May 17th – 23rd

5. Calculate the distance you covered by using a tracking app on your mobile device or calculating with Google maps or similar

6. Report the actual distance to your sponsors and direct them to donate here: (if you’re Nazarene, you can donate through your district or NCM, but mark your donation clearly)

7. Let us know by email, Facebook or Instagram the distance you covered, the funds you raised, and the country you’re from, and add pictures if you like (#joggathon2020)

Questions? Write to us at


We are supporting:

… the Nazarene Evangelical School in Beirut, Lebanon, who are joining us for the event (running in Beirut). The NES is a haven of peace in a country in turmoil, defined by mutual trust and respect, cultural and religious diversity without discrimination as well as a high-quality education. The current economic crisis in Lebanon has massively worsened due to corona; and those most at risk suffer the most – children and families who were already vulnerable before: refugees, migrant workers, ethnic and religious minorities. Many fear that they won’t be able to return to their classes once schools reopen. We are participating in the jog-a-thon to keep all the kids in school!


Jog-a-thon Signup

Yes! I want to participate in the jog-a-thon event on 17th May 2020 (or during the following week).


This jog-a-thon is an event of the Church of the Nazarene Gelnhausen in cooperation with Helping Hands e.V. Another jog-a-thon will take place in Berlin from 7th to 14th June.


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